About Us

Southern Lantern Films was found by Greg Dixon in 2013 as a result of intense interest by, now customers, in having videos produced for specific purposes.

Video is a unique form of communication. It motivates you to take action.

Video delivers an experience making it the most powerful form of communication.

Video takes you on a journey, it takes you to a goal, a result.

Video makes you feel something. It’s that feeling that motivates.

Video is available any time, any place, and on any device.

Video is more cost effective than ever. Movie quality and tiny prices

Give Back

Giving back and community support is part of our DNA.

Each week we help guide students with a public school district video communication called The Wire. We teach lighting, audio, editing and production skills.

Produced by students for … everyone!

Opportunities for students & teachers

Each year we give back in a way it knows best: a voluntary video production!

This year we delivered a film for the Public School Foundation which has the missing of providing opportunities for students and teachers in the public school district.

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