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  • The Walking Classroom

    The Walking Classroom is an amazing non-profit organization that has introduced an amazing concept merging exercise and learning for classrooms across America. The target audience for this video is grade 4 & 5 classroom teachers although it shows the value to both teachers and students. This is a project we have been wanting to do for almost two years so we were delighted when asked to put this project together. Another first for us was the incorporation an amateur produced content that has been woven into the main content of the production. Learn more about the The Walking Classroom at:

  • DementiaWise

    This video is designed to help families facing dementia in aged care understand the benefits of leveraging ComForCare's DementiaWise program. It is based on the testimony of a family in Cleveland OH and what they experienced through this program as their mother is in the late stages of the Alzheimers disease. Learn more about the ComForcare at:

  • ComForcare Sofa Meeting

    This is a training video to help owners (franchisees) understand the benefit of ComForcare's music program called 'Joyful Melodies One on One'. The 'Sofa Meeting' is where the Owner brings client and home caregiver together to discuss aspects of the care and relationship, in this case it's the context to introduce Joyful Melodies One on One.. Learn more about the ComForcare at:

  • the Public School Foundation

    A look at the unique role and impact that the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation has on teachers and students. Learn more about the foundation at:

  • ComForcare Music

    Music is critical to aged care, especially dementia related illnesses. ComForcare's program is unique in a number of ways. Learn about what happens and hear from those who have seen the results for themselves!

  • Cisco enables First Responders

    Cisco integrates and connects First Responders. This scenario shows how First Responders can improve their decision making quality and speed through a common operational picture and information helping to reduce negative impacts and save lives.

  • The Glade

    Glenaire Retirement Community's adult day care center: The Glade, caters to the needs of early onset dementia and other related memory illnesses. It serves the needs of both sufferer and their carers. This story follows the experience of two of the participants as they experience how the Glade changes their lives. Learn more:

  • Backyard Imagined

    The re-invention of an old warehouse in Denver's RiNO district results in a new and exciting innovation of space. Backyard on Blake is opening in spring of 2015.

  • Bank of America

    The Bank of America account team talk about how One Cisco and Business Outcomes Selling have transformed the account

  • Across Heaven by 3 (Trailer)

    Across Heaven by 3. This trailer reveals what is coming up!

  • Simon Power Songwriter

    Simon Power is not only a classic Irish singer and songwriter, he is also a great believer in giving back. This short film takes us through how he gives back to the community or is it how the community gives back to him?

  • PORCH Movie

    PORCH isn't just another charity. PORCH isn't just people wanting to help. PORCH isn't just about feeding the hungry. PORCH isn't just about some volunteers. So what then is PORCH?

  • Walk for Education

    On Oct 5, the Chapel Hill - Carrboro Public School Foundation held its annual fund raising event. It was a huge event with all public schools in the area turning out.

  • David – A Tribute

    A tribute to the remarkable career of David Hester.

  • Keriann’s Fight for Kids

    This video features the extraordinary effects of Kerriann O'Rouke, teacher at the Canadian International School in Singapore, who raised almost $60,000 USD in support of the Children's Surgical Centre in Cambodia by boxing in the annual IFS White Collar Boxing event in Singapore on 20 April 2013.

  • ISTA MS Theatre Festival

    November 2012, the Canadian International School in Singapore hosted the ISTA Middle School Theatre Festival. The event was also attended by visiting schools across the region, This movies follows the journey of this incredible 3 day experience through the eyes of those who participated.

  • Hannah Taylor in Singapore

    From the age of 5, Canadian Hannah Taylor discovered a heart for the homeless she saw about her and decided to do something about it. This video reveals Hannah's story (so far) during a visit to the Canadian School in Singapore.

  • Skoll Foundation CSR Film Shoot

    Cisco is a supporter of the Skoll Foundation as part of corporate social responsibility. We were asked to put together a creative video production in support of their work. This short video records the first day of the shoot at Half Moon Bay, CA. The story of the film is set around the MSC Fishing Supply Chain and the Avina Deforestation Project. Both stories are on the Skoll web site:

  • GSX Behind the Scenes

    Take a look behind the scenes with the Cisco TV team of the FY13 GSX event from Singapore.

  • Laura’s 10th Birthday

    Laura celebrated her 10th birthday by having a party at 'The Art Room' where she and her friends painted pottery and had a great day.

  • Riding the Long River

    This video features the 'Long River' Motorbike and the passion of those who ride them. The 长江 (pronounced 'Chang Jiang'), which means 'Long River', is the little changed Chinese descendent of the original 1930's German BMW R71 which became the Russian M72 before finally being produced in China for military and other civil service purposes up until the year 2000 .

  • Epic Sky

    Australia is a land of big skies. This film opens with the sky presiding over a timeless land, and then progressed to experience and immersion into the sky, hope to capture its essence before finally surrendering to the sky that is unreachable. It is truly an Epic Sky.

  • Where the Heart Rests

    A short video timed in one of China’s famous water towns: Wuzhen. This video combines visual elements of water, movement and light over a musical bed. conveying a peaceful emotion.

  • Just Another Ride

    A video shot in 2009 on the Shanghai Bike Group and profiles a single ride. How amazing is life in China!

  • Pass the Hope

    Opening of the Fengxian school in Anhui Province, China which took place in May, 2010. This school was developed by the Cisco WebEx China team who raised an incredible amount of money for it.

  • Cisco Expo Pavilion

    This video was made to showcase what Cisco was going to be offering at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

  • Cisco Expo Pavilion Main Movie

    Viewed by over 500k Chinese citizens over a 6 month period at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. This video showcased Cisco's vision of Smart + Connected Communities.

  • Connecting Sichuan

    Following the devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province, China in 2008, Cisco mobilized and implemented a program to help effectively implement the promised support to China. This video helps employees understand more about the program.

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